Ras Brando


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Originally from St Elizabeth, the culture singer added: “I am a citizen of Jamaica and I don’t like how the country is being governed nor how my people live, just take a look at what the street vendors are facing. So when poor people can’t hustle to send their children to school, what do we really think the outcome will be.”

Ras Brando, born Marlon Brown, has learnt a lot musically since he made his recording debut at the age of 23. His first effort was Rasta Man Know The Truth, done for producer Donovan James over 20 years ago.

Ras Brando gained some attention outside of Jamaica, when his song Conquering Lion being featured in the NBC series Constantine. His other efforts include Sonia, Receive Me in Your Heart, Deh Pon A Mission and Live Inna Earth, featuring Max Romeo. Ras Brando did a song on the ArdKoore Label (Man Run Our man run in)